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Can you name the major chemotherapy drugs?

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No myelosuppression. Neuro (ear) & nephrotoxin.DNA Binding Agents
Nephrotoxicity. Sometimes GFR determines dose.''
Pyrimidine analog. Cytidine deaminase rapidly inactivates.Antimetabolites
Blocks dihydrofolate reductase. Also immunosuppressant.''
Blocks thymidylate synthetase. Hand-foot syndrome. ''
Prodrug (above). Better for outpatients.''
Activated folate. Rescues normal cells.''
Red fluids. Acute arrhythmias, cumulative chronic CHF.Anthracycline Antibiotics
Prodrug (SN38). CYP enzymes inactivate it.Topoisomerase I Inhibitors
minorTopoisomerase II Inhibitors
No myelosuppression. SIADH. Give intrathecally=Death.Mitotic Inhibitors
More myelosuppression & alopecia, less SIADH.''
Anaphylaxis, alopecia. In castor oil, so more acute tox.''
Fluid retention. Not dissolved in castor oil.''
Low pgp susceptibility. Good for taxane-resistant cells.''
Blocks EGFR's TK(dose limiting rash).Signal Transduction Inhibitors
Blocks several TKs. Ph+ CML. Cramps & edema.''
Good for cancers resistant to the above.''
Blocks 80 TKs. Lowers LV ejection fraction, causes hypertension.''
Like the above, but additional hand-foot syndrome.''
Downstream. Blocks mTOR. Hyperglycemia, lung disease, mucositis, immunosuppression.''
Blocks TK of EGFR & HER-2 (Erb 1&2). Hand-foot syndrome & Q-T prolongation.''
SIADH, hemorrhagic cystitis. Prodrug activated by CYP.Alkylating Agents
CNS toxic. Worse bladder toxicity.''
ALL. Hypersensitivity is big.Enzymes
Reverses fusion protein that blocks myeloid differentiation. Vit. A toxicity.Differentiating Agents
Degrades the above fusion protein. Q-T prolongation.(minor)''
Causes apoptosis in tumor cells, which don't have checkpoints.Proteasome Inhibitors
Cells can't make deoxyribonucleotides. (minor)Ribonucleotide Reductase Inhibitors
Epigenetic. Allows cell to arrest or apoptose. DVT/PE.Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
Allows cell to arrest or apoptose. Cytotoxic at high concentrations.DNA Methylation Inhibitors
Prodrug (endoxifen). CYP2D6 activates it.Estrogen Receptor Modulators
Postmenopausal use. Osteoporosis & high cholesterol.Aromatase Inhibitors
Lympholytic, inhibits mitosis & induces apoptosis.Glucocorticoids
Binds receptors in prostate. Hot flashes, gynecomastia.Androgen Receptor Antagonists
Downregulates secretion of LH & FSH. Hot flashes, low libido & pituitary adenoma.GnRH Agonists
Attenuated TB used in bladder cancer (minor).Nonspecific Immunostimulants
Adjuvant therapy with 5-FU (minor).''
Takes up to 1 yr to work. Flu like symptoms.Interferons
IL-2 analog. Usually given in ICU.Interleukins
Binds VEGF. Stops angiogenesis.Monoclonal Antibodies
Binds EGFR (rash). Stops growth and angiogenesis.''
Binds CD20 of B cells. Raises risk of infection. ''
Binds HER2 receptor in breast cancer. CHF.''
Conjugated with radioactive iodine. ''
Increases RBCs & angiogenesis. Can stimulate tumor.Hematopoietic Growth Factors
G-CSF analog. Increases PMNs prophylactically.''
Increases platelets.''

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