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You're Gonna Go Far Kid, Hammerhead
Cold, The Pursuit, Over
Dig, Pardon Me, Drive
Rise Above This, Remedy
Sex on Fire, Use Somebody
Savior, Paper Wings, Prayer of the Refugee
Hate Me, Into the Ocean, The End
Like a Stone, Doesn't Remind Me
Wasteland, Shoot It Out
Stupify, Stricken, Land of Confusion
What I've Done, Giving Up
World, You're Going Down, Odd One
Red, Vitamin R, Send the Pain Below
Bad Girlfriend, Hate My Life
Fall Into Sleep, Scream With Me, Happy
The Downfall Of Us All, The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle
Last Resort, Scars
Two Weeks, Forever In Your Hands
Bat Country, After life, Almost Easy
Comatose, The Last Night
Tears Don't Fall, All These Things I Hate, Scream Aim and Fire
Wait and Bleed, Psychosocial
The Bleeding, Walk Away, Never Enough
Riot, Pain, Break
Coming Undone, Freak on a Leash
Head Down, The Hand that Feeds
Cherub, A Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Burning Bright, 45
Stand Up, Handlebars
My Hero, Everlong, Best of You
Give It Away, Snow, Californication
Crash, Champagne
Famous, Livin' on Borrowed Time
Chop Suey!, Toxicity
I Get Off, It's Not You
Undead, Everywhere I Go
Diary of Jane, Sooner or Later, Polyamorous

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