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What is Yoda's sister's name?
What color is Mace Windu's lightsaber?
What is the nickname for Jango Fett?
What assassin was thwarted while attempting to assassinate Padme Amidala
Who was the leader of the Gungan?
Who was Darth Sidious' first apprentice?
What order was put into action that killed the Jedi?
What is the largest sea monster seen in Episode I?
What is the name of Jango Fett's ship?
Who was Anakin's podracing rival?
Who was Anakin's father?
Who was Anakin's step-father?
What planet did Obi-Wan battle Anakin in Episode III?
Who were the only Jedi to survive after Episode III?
What species helped Yoda escape Kashyyyk?
What planet was Princess Leia raised on?
What senator raised Princess Leia?
What name did Luke Skywalker know Obi-wan by?
What cry did Obi-wan mimic to save Luke from the sand people?
R2D2 and C3P0 were captured by what species in Episode IV?
Who created C3P0?
Luke was under the impression his father was killed by...?
What planet was the Jedi Counsel located on?
The clone troopers were cloned based off who's DNA?
Han Solo was frozen in what?
What snowy planet was the Rebel Base located on in Episode V?
Vader revealed he was Luke's father on what planet/city?
What was the name of Jabba the Hutt's dancer?
And the small cackling creature by Jabba's side?
What was the first monster Jabba attempted to feed Luke to?
What was the second monster Jabba attempted to feed Luke to?
Who was the leader of Cloud City?
What chess-likes game do Chewbacca and R2D2 play?
What 18 parsec run did Han Solo claim to have finished in 11.5 parsecs?
What spaceport town did Obi-wan and Luke meet Han Solo for the first time?
What Sith lord cut off Anakin's right hand?
What type of droid was C3P0?
What planet was Luke Skywalker raised on?
What type of farm did Luke work on with his adopted parents?
Who killed Owen and Beru Lars?
What was Anakin Skywalker's mothers name?
Who killed Anakin's mother?
What creature did the Rebels ride on the snow planet in Episode V?
What creature captured Luke on that same snow planet?
What forest moon was the shield generator for the second Death Star located on?
What was the native creature of this same forest moon?
Who led the assault on Hoth?
What Grand Moff was the commander of the Death Star?
What planet did Obi-wan kill General Grievous?
What planet did Yoda live in hiding?
Who kills Darth Sidious?
Who originally owned the Millennium Falcon?
What line is famously repeated throughout the entire series?
What bounty hunter does Han Solo kill in the cantina in A New Hope?
What Rebel X-Wing pilot survives both assaults on the Death Star?
Who is Luke's co-pilot and friend from Tatooine in A New Hope?
What was Luke Skywalker's callsign during the Battle of Yavin?
What type of projectile did Luke use to destroy the first Death Star?
Who/what kills Yoda?
What planet is the first battle of the Clone Wars fought on?
Who famously says 'It's a trap!'
What is the native planet of the Wookiees?
Princess Leia is Luke's...
What large Empirical vehicles were used to defeat the Rebel base on Hoth?
Who killed Obi-wan Kenobi?
What microscopic life form, when in large numbers, allowed their occupant to tap into the Force?
Who first suggested giving Chancellor Palpatine emergency power over the Senate?
What does Han Solo and the gang hide in while aboard the Millennium Falcon while fleeing Hoth?
Who was the only non Jedi/Sith to wield a lightsaber in the old trilogy?
Where does Luke hide his lightsaber when infiltrating Jabba the Hutt's palace?

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