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Can you name the Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bosses?

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HintBossPlace Fought
Tutorial BossZeppelin
Guardian of the PrincePi'llo Castle
Antasma's CloneDreamy Pi'llo Castle
Brickle's Malfunctioning RobotMushrise Park
Terrible DuoDream's Deep
Beast of the DesertDozing Sands
First HoorawDreamy Wakeport
Second HoorawDreamy Wakeport
Third HoorawDreamy Wakeport
Fourth HoorawDreamy Wakeport
Leader of HoorawsDreamy Wakeport
Guardian of the MountainMount Pajamaja
Buffoonish MajorsDreamy Driftwood Shore
Thieves of JellyfishPi'llo Blimport
'Security Guard'Wakeport
Bean BurglarWakeport
Guardian of the ZeekeeperSomnom Woods
Bowser's High GeneralDreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Bowser's High General (Second)Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Bowser's High General (Final)Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
The Bat KingDreamy Neo Bowser Castle
HintBossPlace Fought
Power of the Dream StoneNeo Bowser Castle
First Giant BattleDreamy Dozing Sands
Talking MountainDreamy Mount Pajamaja
House RobotDreamy Wakeport
Legendary BirdDreamy Somnom Woods
Bowser's Inside StoryDreamy Neo Bowser Castle
Brickle's Bot RebornBattle Ring
Terrible Duo RebornBattle Ring
Drill RebornBattle Ring
Hoorah RebornBattle Ring
Big Beast RebornBattle Ring
Majors RebornBattle Ring
Guardian RebornBattle Ring
Bat King RebornBattle Ring
Secret Boss Battle Ring
Drilldigger RebornBattle Ring
Mountain RebornBattle Ring
Building RebornBattle Ring
Giant Bird RebornBattle Ring
Koopa King RebornBattle Ring

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