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Can you name the discipline with which the given thinker is most associated?

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Noam Chomsky1928-
Max Weber1864-1920
Wilhelm Wundt1832-1920
Adam Smith1723-1790
Leon Festinger1919-1989
David Ricardo1772-1823
Ludwig Wittgenstein1889-1951
Emile Durkheim1858-1917
John Rawls1921-2002
Pierre Bourdieu1930-2002
Francis Fukuyama1952-
William James1842-1910
H.L.A. Hart1907-1992
Simone de Beauvoir1908-1986
John Kenneth Galbraith1908-2006
Clifford Geertz1926-2006
Daniel Bell1919-
Auguste Comte1798-1857
Samuel Huntington1927-2008
Amartya Sen1933-
Robert Putnam1941-
Joseph Schumpeter1883-1950
Karl Polanyi1886-1964
Charles Sanders Peirce1839-1914
Ronald Dworkin1931-
Mary Wollstonecraft1759-1797
Jean Piaget1896-1980
Claude Levi-Strauss1908-2009
W.V.O. Quine1908-2000
Thomas Malthus1766-1834
Margaret Mead1901-1978
Abraham Maslow1908-1970
Harold Lasswell1902-1978
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.1841-1935
Elizabeth Anscombe1919-2001
Anthony Giddens1938-

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