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Can you name the country whose national flag matches the clues given?

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Has a sun positioned in the top-right hand corner
Displays different emblems on its obverse (front) and reverse sides
Features a maple leaf
Depicts two crossed keys
Features the words, 'Ordem E Progresso'
Depicts a clove of nutmeg
Depicts a bird of paradise
Depicts an outline of the country over olive branches
Can be flown upside-down to indicate a state of war
Features three diamonds arranged in a 'V'
Features human beings
Contains 10 yellow stars arranged in a circle
Is not rectangular
Depicts a trident
Is colored red and black
Depicts an AK-47
Features a mosque
Is an exact square and is predominantly red
Is only one color
Displays five carpet designs arranged vertically
Contains 'half stars' (stars cut in half)
Depicts an eagle eating a snake
Depicts two cows on its coat of arms
Depicts a parrot
Contains a bunch of bananas

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