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In what layer of the atmosphere is the most ozone located?
A byproduct of inefficiency in burning fossil fuels
The energy of a photon in this spectrum is very high:
Why does the ozone layer exist at such high altitudes?
An undesirable trace gas emitted directly into the atmosphere by some form of human activity:
A large family of molecules that comprise of oil-based fuels, released into air via incomplete combustion:
A trace gas created in the atmosphere by chemistry involving one or more primary pollutant:
In order to get ozone depletion over Antarctica you need ______
The size of wavelengths in the visible spectrum are between what?
Depletion of ozone in the atmosphere would lead to what?
3 x 10^8 m/sec is what speed?
What is the origin of light?
What does smoke and fog create?
Which component of sunlight is responsible for breaking molecules?
What maintains the temperature of the Earth?
What is the original form of air pollution?

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