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What is his birthday month/day
what year was he born
what car does he drive
name the two favourite songs of his
name his hero
who plays him
what is his biggest responsibility
how old is he in season1
who was his most bendy weekend with
when he meets back up with her how long had it been
whats his kids name
whats the name of the child he thought was his
what were the two words he taught lucas
what day does he say it must be when he encounters the 3rd horseman
mothers name
fathers name
brothers name
best friends name
evil enemy/alie
2nd angel he encountered
who tortured him in hell
how long for
did he break the first or last seal
what year did he go forward to
who sent him there
whos vessel is he
what month did he come back from hell in
what does he substitute for a direct line to angels
name the house rule
last words to dick roman

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