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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Trivia from Season 1 Ep.16)?

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What is destroyed at the Cavanaugh house?
Which liar lives on the same street as Toby?
What is the name of the episode?
Who comes to Emily's door in the rain?
Who is living at the school?
Where is the first place Caleb lived?
What actor plays Toby?
What subject is Spencer tutoring Toby in?
Who are Hanna & Aria following to the school?
Who says: 'Am I finished with your homework?'
Complete: 'You got a hot party tomorrow night?'...'I have a _____ ______'
What did Lindsey Hoover's grandfather invent?
What is the name of the 'party girl' Hanna introduces Caleb to?
What does Emily do before every meet?
What does Hanna take from the school vent?
What book does Spencer give Toby?
What is the first item A takes out of the bag at the end of the episode?
Where is Caleb staying at the end of the episode?
What does Hanna spray in Caleb's eye?
What is the song playing while Paige and Emily swin?

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