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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Trivia from episode 1x14?

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What is the name of the episode?
What actress plays Emily Fields?
Who is Ezra meeting for coffee?
Who is introduced in this episode?
How much is Byron sponsoring Aria for in the dance-a-thon (per dance)?
What number is Aria at the dance?
Where did Ezra spend a semester abroad?
Complete: 'You should probably go first, and I'll count to _____'
Who dances with Ian at the dance-a-thon?
What song does Aria request at the dance?
Where is Maya in this episode?
What book did Simone (actually) make Aria read?
Complete: 'Nice cushy town like this, I'm guessing ______ is the new boarding school'
Who brings a flask to the dance?
What did Aria sleep with every night when she was young?
Who does Ella dance with at the dance?
Complete: 'Sweetie, she's in wilderness bootcamp. She's been talking to _____'
What coat check number is Ian's coat?
Who does Emily say would be proud of Hanna?
Complete the A text: 'Job Description: _______. $200 for each dance with Lucas'
What is Spencer looking for in Ian's desk?
Who's parents are both chaperone's at the dance?
Who gets drunk in this episode?
How much does Hanna get for dancing the last dance with Lucas?
Complete: 'He's not a chaperone, he's a _______'
Who says: 'I am already in love with someone else'
What coat check number is A's coat?

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