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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Trivia from episode 1x04?

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Why is Hanna in trouble?
Name the actress that plays Aria Montgomery?
What is Ezra doing at the beginning of the episode?
What colour is the scarf Maya gets Emily?
Where does Hanna's father live?
What is the instrumental music playing while Ezra and Aria talk?
What award is Spencer nominated for?
What class are Emily and Toby in together?
Where does Tom take Hanna?
Complete: 'It's mostly to remind myself that there was ______ before laptops'
How old was Ezra when his parents split up?
What sport does Kate do?
Complete: 'I've been drinking _____ I'd rather not mix my beverages'
What number is Ezra's apartment?
Where is Wren staying?
What is Aria's aunt's cats name (the one she had stuffed)?
Who picks Spencer up from the motel?
How does A send Hanna a message?
Who agrees to hold on Alison's bracelet?
Where are Spencer's parents during the episode?
What does Ezra make 'really good' of?
What is put in Toby's locker?
What does Emily do because 'she likes the way it makes her feel'?
What is the song A dedicates to Hanna?
Complete: 'We are so out of our ______'

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