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Can you name the four-letter words in this Whedon-themed puzzle?

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'I'm a leaf on the ____.'
Buffy battles Caleb in a building meant for storing this beverage.
If Hammer is foolish, Giles is ____.
Buffy Episode featuring Anya: 'The ____'
Buffy Episode: 'Go ____'
'They tell you: never hit a man with a closed ___. But it is, on occasion, hilarious.'
Not slow.
'Homecoming' featured a copetition called 'Slayer____ '98.'
A vampire lair is sometimes referred to as a...
Buffy episode ____less.
'I try to be my ____.'
'If my heart could ____, it would break my chest.'
'A ____! You made a ____!' Undo it, undo it!
Buffy episode '____ Bad'
Cordelia's visions make her a ____.
To scorch or burn with something hot.
Simon Tam Actor (First name).
A bench, couch, or stool.
The Double____ palace is a business in Sunnydale.
An achievement.
In 'Smile Time,' Angel's face may have been made of ____.
The ____ Brethren were a group of Demons in Angel.
'Did I ____ asleep?'
First 4 letters of a Buffy, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible Actor's last name.
Type of pickle.
Inhabitant of the Dollhouse.
'Any ____ with half a brain can see that humankind has gone insane.'
'Only have to sign your name, ____ even have to read it.
'We've ____ the impossible, and that makes us mighty.'
Spike puts on his coat. In other words, he ____ it.
'____ that seem right to you?'
'Here ____ no mercy...'
In 'Storyteller,' the Trio sing 'We are as ____!'
Peas are found in these.
Plural of the blank in 'Please sir, won't you put that ___ away.'
The Master, Glory, and The First are 'Big ____'
Plural of the blank in 'After years of stormy sailing, have I finally found the ___?'
Dewitt and Kennedy are girls. Jayne and Angel are ____.
Echo's first handler.
A doll and their handler have this.
Buffy season 2 episode: '____ Candy.'
we will rule over all this ____ and we will call it... this ____.'
Street, Boulevard, Drive, Way...
____ Espenson, writer.
Lindsey McDonald actor (last name).
Los Angeles detective in Angel.
Edible plant.
'Want, ____, Have.'
Kaylee makes this for Simon in 'Out of Gas.'
Angel Investigations solves these.
'Can I trade in the children for more ____?'
Firefly character.
Stinging insect that attacks Sunnydale High in 'I Only Have Eyes for You.'
To twist out of shape.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Character.
Implement typically used in casting spells.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Victoria ____.
Buffy's father.
Dr. Horrible supposedly stole gold bars from a building of this type.
'I'll be in my ____.'
A collision.
Firefly character.
'That's a designer lamp, ya ____!'
Celestial body which has a strange effect on Oz.
A sound of pain or grief.
If Angel is nice, then Angelus is ____.
Anya's ex-boyfriend was delighted to discover that the Bronze served this.
Joss Whedon is known for putting characters in this state.
Giles actor (Last name).
Slayers do this incredibly fast.
Sunnydale is built on a mouth of this.
Passage or corridor.
Ice that falls from the sky.
'Hammer, meet ____!'
Dr. Horrible Actor.
Worn by Anya in 'Hell's Bells.'
Vessel containing vampire nourishment.
Captain Hammer is this.
'This must be what ____ feels like!'
FBI Agent in Dollhouse.
Biblical king.
Angel has this.
Not sweet.
'Watch how I ____.'

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