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Can you name the US Airlines that no longer exist?

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Name these one-time US airlines
1. This venerable St. Louis-based national and international carrier was once owned by Howard Hughes and merged with American Airlines in 2001 after 76 years of operation.
2. Once America’s prestige international airline, this company ceased operations in 1991 after 64 years. Its former New York HQ is now the MetLife building.
3. This Minneapolis-based carrier was known for service to Asia. It merged with Delta in 2008. Its television and radio commercials featured the sound of a gong.
4. This Texas-based airline flew to Latin America and US cities until its demise in 1982. In 1973, it launched its Flying Colors promotion with bright-colored planes.
5. This eastern carrier had added service to the west coast, Latin America and the Caribbean when it ceased operations in 1991.
6. This carrier renamed itself USAirways in 1979.
7. This airline served the western United States, western Canada, and Mexico before it merged with Delta in 1986. Its most famous tagline was “The only way to fly.”
8. This intra-California carrier became part of USAir in 1988. In the late ‘60s, it outfitted its flight attendants in bright-colored mini-skirted outfits.
9. This airline never recovered from a 1982 crash into the Potomac River and ceased operations in 1984.
10. Once independent, this mid-Atlantic carrier has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of USAir since 1987.
Name these one-time US airlines
11. This Houston-based airline operated mostly in the southwestern US and Mexico from 1969 until 1982, when it merged with Continental.
12. This Florida-based airline was acquired by airline #2 on this list in 1980. Its ads featured beautiful flight attendants inviting travelers to “Fly me' to Florida.
13. Merged with airline #14 on this list to form Republic Airways and combine their services in the South and upper Midwest.
14. Merged with airline #13 on this list to form Republic Airways and combine their services in the South and upper Midwest.
15. This St. Louis-based carrier, named for a highland region, was acquired in 1986 by airline #1 on this list.
16. This carrier served New York and Pennsylvania and was acquired by airline #6 on this list.
17. This western carrier was formed in 1968 from Pacific Air Lines, Bonanza Airlines, and West Coast Airlines as Air West. Howard Hughes bought it in 1970 and renamed it.
18. This short-lived carrier featured an apple logo and operated an air shuttle between Washington and New York from 1980-1987.
19. This Hawaii-based carrier was founded in 1946 and began service to the US mainland in 2000. It ceased operations in 2008.
20. Perhaps the first of the discount carriers, this airline began operations in 1979 and used Chicago’s Midway Airport s its hub.

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