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Can you name the Longest Things Part 2?

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The Longest...AnswerInfo
Tour De France win streak7
Reality TV Show1989-present
Boardwalk~4.5 miles
Beatles Song8 minutes 22 seconds
Butterfly Migration (species)>3000 miles
Dog Sled Race1161 miles
Fishup to 40 feet
Half-Life130 quintillion years
Reigning Heavyweight Boxing Champion11 years, 9 months
Homerun634 feet
Lifespan (land animal)~120-200 years
Reef>2300 kilometers
Subway System (City)714 miles
The Longest...AnswerInfo
Waterfall2937 feet
Man-made Structure~4000 miles
Best Picture Oscar Winner (with music)234 minutes
Stay at #1 on US Billboard 200 Charts (album)54 weeks
War116 years
Distance From Earth (manned space flight) 248655 miles
Wavelength30 cm-3 km
US Interstate3100 miles
Serving Supreme Court Justice12570 days
Chinese Dynasty~880 years
NASCAR Racetrack2.66 miles
NFL Win Streak 21 games

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