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Do you know the answers to the obscure and difficult Simpsons questions?

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What is the name of the original essay Lisa writes for Reading Digest?
What is the name of the essay Lisa writes for the Reading Digest after she witnessed Bob Arnold take a bribe?
According to Marge's resume, which Presidential Administration does she claim to work for?
Which character at the Nuclear Power Plant, who doesn't speak English, does Homer blame all of his negligence on?
Which singer does Nelson yell at, 'Your manger says for you to shut up!'
Who wrote and narrated the audiobook 'Mr. And Mrs. Erotic American'
Name one of the two people Marge says Homer reminds her of in 'Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy?
What does Principal Skinner buy from Marge at their garage sale?
What cold beverage does former President George H.W. Bush not understand?
What does the extra 'B' in Homer's invitation to his 'BBBQ' stand for?
What do the water balloons have inscribed upon them that Bart uses to bombard Nelson with?
What does Mr. Burns request Marge do with his car in the episode 'Scenes form the Class Struggle in Springfield'
What video game does Bart receive for Christmas from Marge to his disappointment?
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Which actor does Homer steal a pocket knife from in the episode, 'Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood?'
Who is Sir-Oinks-A-Lot's powerful friend who forced the Dean to expel Homer's nerdy friends?
What is the name of the fictional child Bart uses to fool the town into believing a child is stuck in the bottom of a well?
What is the name of the movie Barney records for the Springfield Flim Festival?
What is the name of the movie Mr. Burns submits for the Springfield Flim Festival?
Other than Homer and any of the many aliases he uses, which two characters will the Kwik-E-Mart not accept checks from?
Who narrates the Bible on tape Homer listens to in the episode, 'One Fish, Two Fish, Blow Fish, Blue Fish?'
What is Ralph's cat's name?
Finish the bylaw in the town charter according to Homer, 'If food stuff should touch the ground, said food stuff shall be turned over to...'
What medical procedure causes Marge to exclaim, 'The future is now!'?
Name of the Musical the Simpsons see while in New York?
What is the name of the prescription hair growth drug Homer charges to the Nuclear Plant's insurance plan?

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