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In the episode, “Bart Vs. Australia,” according to Evan Conover, “Disparaging the boot is a what?
In “Lisa the Vegetarian,” what does Homer want Bart to do like him every morning?
In the episode, “You Only Move Twice,” what is the Simpsons new address?
In the episode, “Cape Feare,” how many rakes does Sideshow Bob step on when he arrived at the Thompsons’ house?
According to Moe, His forefathers were bartenders to whom?
In the episode, 'Homer's Phobia,' what is the name of John’s collectable store?
What is the name of Kirk Van Houten’s demo tape?
What is Jimbo Jones’ real first name?
What is Hans Moleman’s name According to his driver’s license?
Who is the head of security at the Try-N-Save?
What is Robert Terwilliger’s prison number?
Who owns the Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant?
What is Dr. Marvin Monroe’s call in therapy show’s phone number?
Who does Homer stalk because he thought he was digging up his garden?
In “Homer the Great” what stone is attached after he is found out to be the Chosen One?
How much does Maggie cost in the opening of the show?
What does Apu have a doctorate in?
What is Moe's cat's name?
What country is Bart in Model UN?
What country do Sherri and Terri represent in Model UN?

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