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Napoleon and Snowball novel
Mansion in Rebecca
Scottish author from Edinburgh
Treasure Island ship
She wore the scarlet letter
Jules Verne's Captain
Billie Pilgrim novel
King Arthur's sword
The Working Author
Hemingway's novel of the Spanish Civil War
Best selling continuously updated book of all time
F. Scott Fitzgerald's namesake
Moby-Dick story teller and sole survivor
Captain Nemo's submarine
Cooper's five-novel tales
William I survey of England 1085
Main character in The Natural
Author who saw the Alaska gold rush
Salem, MA author
Boy in Treasure Island
Call of the Wild dog
Phileas Fogg is in this novel
Sinclair Lewis' Vermont doctor
Melville's first novel about his adventures in South Pacific
Doyle's murder mystery about a family curse
English novelist, wrote of social injustice and totalitarianism
Little girl from Uncle Tom's captain
Kinsey Millhone creator
Sherlock Holmes' address
Hans Brinker novel
Lady in Portrait of a Lady
Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness narrator
Big Brother watched Winston Smith and Julia in this novel
Nick and Nora Charles creator
Jim Chee (Navajo policeman) creator
Maine author
Mike Hammer creator
Mansion in Jane Eyre
First century satire of Roman Empire
1653 book on fishing
Count Vronsky's love
Main character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Character Oliver Mellors was known as
Bestselling book of all time
Sinclair Lewis' real estate agent
Innovative 20th century Irish novelist
Land in Lost Horizon
Kay Scarpetta creator
Father Brown creator
Robert Langdon creator
Poe's Rue Morgue and Purloined Letter detected
Edmond Dantes is this man
Beowulf monster
Tom Sawyer's aunt
Winner of the first US Nobel Prize for Literature
Book that caused a fatwa to be called on Salman Rushdie
King of the Techno-thriller
Sir Galahad's father
Mark Twain title lawyer
Bestselling novel of all time
Humbert Humbert creator
Holden Caulfield creator
Alex Cross creator
Hemingway's novel of bullfighting
French-born American diarist
Pygmalion professor
Jeeves creator
Leading man in A Streetcar Named Desire
Don Quixote's squire
Dante's love
Wife of Bath work
Mailer novel set in WWII
Ulysses main character
French short story writer
Sinclair Lewis' novel of European travels
Huckleberry Finn's black friend
Salesman in The Great Gatsby
Winnie the Pooh's human friend
Classic medieval morality plays
Louisa May Alcott's literary alter ego
Salesman in Death of a Salesman
Writer and LA policeman for 14 years
Dr. Fu Manchu creator
Two cities in A Tale of Two Cities
Lucy Manett and Sydney Carton novel
Author who committed suicide in Idaho
C.S. Forester's naval hero
Roy Hobbs' bat
Scout Finch novel
Perry Mason creator
Author from Hannibal, MO
Uriah Heep novel
The Deer Park author
Steinbeck's fish factory tale
Alexander Selkirk's life is the basis for this novel
Nero Wolfe creator
Sauk Center, MN author
Town in Our Town
Cooper's last Mohican
Mountains where Rip Van Winkle slept for 20 years
Travis McGee creator
Ichabod Crane appears in this novel
Nathan Zuckerman creator
Mephistopheles is the devil in this work
Harry Lime creator
Melville's award-winning short story
Author nicknamed Papa
Charles Dickens' unfinished novel
Cooper's scout in The Pathfinder and The Deerslayer
Danish author who created the Little Mermaid
Second-best selling book of all time
Mailer novel about Gary Gilmore
Objectivism author
Philip Nolan is this title character
The Queen of Suspense
Author who was an ambulance driver in WWI
Lifelong friend of Gertrude Stein
Things Fall Apart character
Philip Marlowe creator
Uncle Tom's Cabin villain
Albany, NY author
Lincoln biographer
The Great Gatsby's love
After the Fall was about her
Rabbit Angstrom creator
Natty Bumppo's nickname
Oscar Wilde's never-aging murderer
Taos, NM author
Sam Spade creator
Sherlock Holmes' archenemy
14th century 'Father of English Literature'
Adam Daglish creator
Alcott's four March sisters
Treasure Island peg-legged pirate
Baroness Orczy's hero
Harry Potter creator
E.M. Forster's country home
Subject of The Agony and the Ecstasy
First female writer in US Writer's Hall of Fame
Mr. Moto creator
Mark Twain worked for this author
8th century Anglo-Saxon monk and translator
Wuthering Heights lad
Williw Stark creator
He was pen-named Boz
Irving's Sleepy Hollow rider
Fogg's sidekick
Tom Sawyer's girlfriend
Bob Cratchit's son
Ed McBain's precinct
Virgil writes that this man is the ancestor of all Romans
Author and anthropologist raised in Samoa
Ebenezer Scrooge's deceased partner
Vanity Fair lady
Basis for Blade Runner
Charlie Chan creator
Moby-Dick captain
Crystal City work
2001: A Space Odyssey computer
Edinburgh detective story novelist
The Sun Also Rises is an example of
King Arthur's island
Joad family novel
Creator of Jean Valjean
Quasimodo's love
V.I. Warshawski creator
Doyle's first Sherlock Holmes novel
Utilitarianism author
Sherlock Holmes' assistant
Tom Clancy's government agent
Scottish Robin Hood
Marlow creator
Adam Trask novel
19th century writer of dime novels
The first Leather Stocking tale
The Little House on the Prairie family
Hemingway's novel of the lost generation
Storyteller from Thrace
5th or 6th century Saxon saga
Hemingway's novel of WWI in Italy
Character in The Old Man and the Sea
Vlad the Impaler is the basis for this character
First American man of letters, from Tarrytown, NY
Nell Trent novel
Steinbeck's poodle tale
Lord Peter Wimsey creator
James Fenimore Cooper's hometown
Hester Prynne's daughter
Pip and Mrs. Haversham novel
Milton work about the fall of Satan
The Lady in A Streetcar Named Desire
Willie Stark novel
California-born author who won Nobel Prize in 1962
Writer who lived in Sri Lanka
Holly Golightly creator
Cyrano de Bergerac's love
Jack London's sea captain
Scottish author who lived in America and Samoa
Samuel Johnson biographer

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