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QUIZ: Can you name the UN Charter and Resolutions?

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FunctionArticle or Section of UN Charter
Prohibition against use of force
Right to self defense
Power of UNSC to adopt binding decisions
UNSC may recommend action but such determinations are not binding
UNSC right to use force in order to restore peace
All UN members are ipso facto members of ICJ
Each member state undertakes to comply with decisions of ICJ to which it is a party; Security Council enforces decisions
The primacy clause is found in...
The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures sha
Iraq must leave Kuwait in 1990.
FunctionArticle or Section of UN Charter
UN member states must sever economic ties with Iraq.
Authorizes use of force against Iraq in order to drive Iraq out of Kuwait and to restore international peace and security.
To complete both tasks set out in 678. Features: (1) destruction and long-term monitoring of WMD; (b) border demarcation; (c) compensation scheme of losses; (d) continuation of eco
Sanctions against Taliban and terrorism financing.
Security Council imposed binding obligations on all UN member states, without signatures to a treaty, which was a shift in international law (this is legislation by fiat); placed b
Iraq in material breach of Res. 687. Iraq will face “serious consequences” if it remains in breach.
Security Council imposed universally binding obligations on all member states to criminalize non-state actor involvement in WMD; novel in that it forced member states to modify dom
Condemned terrorism and strengthened anti-terrorism legislation.
Sought to “create conditions for a world without nuclear weapons and in accordance with the goals of the NPT.”

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