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Where is Silicon Valley
What was the first mass marketing computer company?
The Binary code exists of what two numbers
What two non computer devices did Intel pay more attention too?
What was the first electronic spread sheet?
Which company was known as Big Blue?
Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple Computers. Who is the other co-founder?
What was the model of the first computer?
Paul Allen owns what professional sports team?
Who is the co-founder of Intel
What are two of the largest enterprizes in the world according to this video?
What was CPM?
Who was Jack Sams?
PDP8 is what type of device?
how much did it cost to reverse engineer IBM?
what did IBM want with Bill Gates?
Where do they meet Edwin Chin?
What city was microsoft started?
the PC expo movie was hosted where?
what was the next killer app that helped IBM?
what was open architecture?
what does 100% IBM compatibly mean?
What was the Silicon Valley Virgin test?
what was the first computer club mentioned in the movie?
What does reverse engineering mean?

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