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The quest for these fueled conflicts in Africa
Government ruled by religion
Religion majority in Pakistan
Religion majority in India
Leader who ended the discrimination of dalifs
Two conflicting religious groups in the South Asia
The peice of land fought over by Muslims and Hindus
The countries who carved most of the Middle East
Overthrow of Government
This formed Pakistan and India
Muslim headscarves and loose fitting ankle length garmets
Area split between Jews and Arabs
The vital resource in the Middle East
Indira Ghandi marked a huge advancement for what group of people
The government has unlimited power in this system
Leader of the Indonesian independece movement and Indonesia's first President
The important canal that links Africa to Europe and Asia
The US and the USSR both wanted Somalia and Ethiopia because of their access to this
The doctrine that declared India and Pakistan independent from the Cold War super powers
Some Middle Eastern countries adopted this form of government which kept religion out of the law

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