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QUIZ: Can you name the His Dark Materials Quiz?

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Who was an angel first-Balthamos or Baruch?
What is the name of Lord Asriel's daemon?
What is the name of the woman that Will leaves his mother with?
What does Lyra rechristen no-name the harpy?
What is the name of Will's daemon?
What does Iofur Rankinson want more than anything else?
What is Angelica and Paolo's brother's name?
What is Sir Charles's name in Lyra's world?
If the alethiometer needle swings round twice then lands on the hourglass, what does this mean?
What is the name for the art of drilling holes into ones skull?
What is the name of the witch who kills Will's father?
What is Tony Makarios clutching instead of a daemon?
What is the first chapter of the Amber Spyglass called?
What is the name of the witch goddess of the dead?

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