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Can you name the Books by three characters?

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Forced Order
Also try: Babelfish Books
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Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace, Silena Beauregard
Mr Poe, Justice Strauss, The hook-handed man
Vincent Crabbe, Filius Flitwick, Dean Thomas
Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, Tiny Tim
John Brooke, Sally Gardener, Friedrich Bhaer
Bezu Fache, Sir Leigh Teabing, Andre Vernet
Elinor Loredan, Mortola, Capricorn
The Cheshire Cat, The March Hare, The queen of Hearts
Billy Black, Victoria, Renee Dwyer
Miss Adderstone, Professor Nockman, Roger Fibbin
Mr Bumble, Bill Sikes, Nancy
Eliza Reed, Helen Burns, Grace Poole
Mr Tumnus, Professor Kirke, Mr Beaver
Mrs Coulter, John Faa, Tony Costa

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