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Can you name the word in common--the first phrase's last word is the second phrases first word?

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woman holding a torch located in NY Habor
ringing symbol of America's Freedom
sex symbol and former wife of Tommy Lee
primary anchor of CNN news
Frito-Lay carmel covered popcorn
term for a donkey or a stupid person
a term to speak of being in debt
an organization that cares for the sick and wounded in wartime: also a blood donation agency
accessory worn by men around their collar
an expression that means to get married
TV sitcom starring Steve Carell and John Krasinski
A comical 1999 film about life in a software company starring Ron Livingston and Jennifer Aniston
the use of disciplinary measure and limitations on freedom or priviledges as a means of fostering responsibility
a Pat Benetar song
3rd president of the US--principal author of the Declaration of Independence
American rockband popular in the 70s and 80s with hits such as We Built this City and Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now
a token one rubs for good luck
sport that takes place on a 100 yard field
hair arrangement where a tie is needed to sweep up hair
party before a sporting event often in a parking lot
belief in spells or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world: witchcraft
formerly #32 on the LA Lakers
a carbonated soft drink similar to Mountain Dew
a type of wasp

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