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Can you name the song by The Aquabats by these lyrics?

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All systems go as we step into the OctagonThe Fury
So that summer he snuck a schooner, to harpoon tuna and get real buffThe Fury
I miss my Monday hot dog, Tuesday taco, Wednesday hamburger and chocolate milkMyths and Legends
Because I gotta reach down, and scratch an itch, in an area an area, that's oh so sensitiveThe Return
Once upon a time, she was fine, and all good people knew her nameThe Fury
4 years later an experiment to mutate domestic pets, turned into a nightmare, so lock your doorsThe Fury
You gotta take a look inside, and find that secrets to life are down at the bottom of the underground waterslideMyths and Legends
Sailing on and on and on and on, into the ocean into the sunMyths and Legends
Knife in the back, I stagger to the phone, who can I call? I'm now, complete aloneThe Floating Eye of Death
You're the angry clown, trying to push all the kids around, but there's a flying horse who can change that courseMyths and Legends
We are your average ordinary, super humans, punishers of evil, rock and roll bandCharge!
When I was a little man, _____ came in a little can, I was Star Wars biggest fan, Shaggie drove the mystery vanThe Return
In these water mountains we can hide, there we can close our eyes, and we can be alrightCharge!
It's late, so just remember then, this day, will never come againThe Floating Eye of Death

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