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Can you name the things in Reddit history?

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What is 'ridiculously photogenic guy' doing in the picture?
If you keep your virginity until 30 you turn into a _____
What candy makes you sick to think about?
The narwhal does this at midnight.
Who never moved the fridge?
Popular redditor that provides bad answers
Which redditor got to select an Aprils Fool's Day youtube video?
The youtube video selected was someone opening a _____
Who is the most popular redditor (due to a wish)?
Which redditor (and a mod) spends too much time on reddit?
What animal does the above redditor hate?
Reddit once helped Sesame Street figure out who played _____ in the test pilot
A redditor shared with the community that he was in this commercial
What was his only line in the commercial?
Which redditor posts many comics and is the creator of Happy Bunny?
Which celebrity royally **** up his own AMA?
....by wanting to talk about what movie?
Ah, the old reddit _________
...and who created the original one?
Which subreddit was highly controversial and due to this was removed?
In the dodgeball team 'the fruit basket', what name was on the green shirt?

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