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is an arrangement between an individual (consumer) and an insurer (company) to protect the individual against risk
a contract between an individual and the insurer specifying the terms of the insurance arrangements
a consumer who purchases the policy (holder)
a fee paid to the insurer to be covered under specified terms
the amount paid out of pocket by the policy holder for the initial portion of a loss before the insurance coverage begins
an arrangement between and individual (consumer) and and insurer (company) to protect the individual against risk from automobile accidents
covers the insured if injuries or damages are caused to other people or their property
covers injuries sustained by the DRIVER of the insured vehicle or any passanger regardless of fault
covers injury or damage to the driver, passangers, or the vehicle caused by a driver with insufficient insurance (3 words)
covers the damages caused to the vehicle (3 words)
provides protection against financial losses resulting from injury, illness, and disability
a contract between an insurer and policy holder specifying a sum to be paid to a beneficiary upon insured's death
replaces a portion of ones income if they become unable to work due to illness or injury
combines property and liability insurance into one policy to protect a home from damage costs due to perils
protects the insured from loss of the contents of the dwelling rather than the dwelling itself

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