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Can you name the Fire Emblem Heroes Characters by Title?

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Forced Order
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Heir of Light
Shade Seeker
Talys's Heart
Searing Steel
Young Lion
Wisdom Seeker
Vengeful Mage
Viridian Knight
Prince of Askr
Perfect Bride
Polite Knight
The Light
Army of One
Spring Ninja
Mighty Mercenary
Naga's Voice
Tropical Beauty
Noble and Nimble
Great Dragon
Sword Demon
Just Here to Fight
The Hurricane
Outspoken Cleric
Money Maiden
Lady of the Plains
Thief Exposed
Eternal Youth
Princess of Light
Dragon Spawn
Mad Dog
Summering Scion
Paragon Knight
Supreme Samurai
Peerless Fighter
Carefree Monk
Angel of Death
Young Mercenary
Sprightly Flier
Lady of Ballads
Lionheart's Sister
Emperor of Flame
Naga's Blood
Devoted Love
Budding Flower
Lance of Legend
Bewitching Beauty
The Bull
Thunder's Fist
Angry Ninja
Black Knight
Wind Mage
Devoted Heart
Dark Emperor
Savage Scourge
High Deliverer
Scarlet Sword
Lady of the Wind
Summer Rays
Junior Whitewing
Bright-Eyed Bride
Dark Shadow
Obsessive Bride
The Liberator
Hapless Hero
Student Swimmer
Agile Horseman
Regal Strategician
Idealistic Knight
Flawless Form
Loyal Blade
Fierce Halberdier
White Wolf
Warrior Princess
Village Hero
Strong and Tough
Uplifting Artist
Lost Princess
Thunder Goddess
Potent Force
Steady Squire
Altean Archer
Righteous Knight
Devoted Servant
General of Ostia
Adorable Adorer
Middle Whitewing
Apostle in White
Prince of Leonster
Exalted Prince
Perfect Shot
Pale Flower
Cutting Wit
Restoration Lord
Fell Vessel
The Hatchet
Cruel to Be Kind
Serene Warrior
Prideful Prince
Thunder Noble
Kindly Priest
Brave Princess
Astra's Wielder
Legendary Lord
Holiday Traveler
Masked Knight
Voice of Dreams
Driven Mercenary
Horizon Watcher
Devoted Monster
Happy Vampire
Bundle of Energy
Brave Lion
Blush of Youth
Pious Mage
Tempest King
Gifted Leader
Raw Talent
Blue Crow
Refined Noble
Beachside Scion
Begnion's Apostle
Lady of Blades
Legendary Knight
Sheathed Steel
Empty Vessel
Seashore's Prince
The Clueless One
Adorable Knight
Prince of Soup
Knight Paragon
Peerless Samurai
Fearless Warrior
Playful Slayer
Honorable Ninja
Emblian Princess
Silver Nobleman
Thunder's Sword
True of Heart
The Panther
Imprisoned Soul
Future King
Dancing Duelist
Youthful Gifts
Sword Vassal
Ambitious King
Crimson Flash
Skillful Survivor
Sharp Soldier
Spring Princess
Wry Comrade
Talys's Bride
Eldest Whitewing
Anamnesis Lady
Winged Princess
Knight of Lycia
Seaside Tactician
Focused Samurai
Helpful Sister
Absent Archer
Wyvern General
Pure Joy
Festival Dancer
Twisted Mind
Enjoying Tradition
Sable Knight
Wind's Embrace
Etrurian General
Novice Vacationer
Wild Card
Admirer of Beauty
Fell Reincarnation
Fateful Prince(ss)
Masked Maniac
Brave Lady
Caring Princess
Marquess of Ostia
Free Spirit
Spring Whitewing
Sniper in the Dark
Prince at Play
Crimson Knight
Dragon Scion
Blushing Beauty
Tropical Flower
Eternal Witch
Highborn Flier
Delicate Princess
Delightful Noble
Lady of the Lake
Elite Archer
Wild Samurai
Loving Priestess
Hero of Prophecy
Easygoing Ninja
Spring Exalt
Endearing Ally
Princess of Ice
Minerva's Sister
Lady of the Forest
Spring Prince
Nabata Prophet
Perfect Expert
Sprightly Cleric
Oracle of Destiny
Maid Mayhem
Dark Sky Singer
Shrewd Strategist
Wayward One
Knight Paradise
Bride of the Plains
Red Dragoon
Nordion Princess
Sinister General
Candy Stealer
Black Magician
Veteran Knight
Dark Child
Jet-Black General
Mystery Tactician
''Normal Girl''
Inveterate Soldier
Desert Guardian
Dragon Princess
Silver Knight
Indigo Dancer
Celebratory Spirit
Restoration Lady
Gentle Nekomata
Brave Mercenary
Enigmatic Blade
Masked Rider
Sorcerous Prince
Festive Tactician
Princess of Gra
Sword Student
Altean Prince
Faithful Spy
Fierce Fighter
Holy Knight
Priestess of Dawn
Princess of Askr
Rose of the War
Dark Moonstone
Quiet Assassin
Blue Sky Warrior
Yearning Dancer
Light Mage
Shadow Prince
Knight Exalt
Lovely Flier
Lad/Lass from Afar
Borderland Sword
Future Witness
Solitary Blade
Blue Mage Knight
Scion of Darkness
Gentle Giant
The Trickster
Vanguard Legend
Wyvern Friend
Ruler of Flame
Divine Dragon
Rowdy Squire
Altean Groom
Bishop of Flame

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