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Forced Order
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Can you answer all these disney related
In Toy Story what is the name of the toy that Sid is trying to blow up?
What nickname does Boo give Sulley in monsters inc?
What does wingapo mean?
In the little mermaid, what is the name of Eric's dog?
What are the names of Cinderella's step-sisters?
What is the name of the ladybug in A Bug's life?
Which of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty want Aurora's dress to be blue?
Who sings to Mowgli 'Trust in me'?
Which character should you never stand 'down-wind' of?
Can you answer all these disney related
What is the name of John and Michaels sister?
What is maid Marion's best friend called?
What is the name of Nemo's mother?
In what film do the characters become 'twitterpated' in the spring time?
Who rides the panda in Mulan?
What is the name of Lilo's Sister?
What is the tiger called in Aladdin?
What animal is Philippe?
What Country is Pinocchio set?

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