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Can you name the 50 Greatest Independent Films (Empire)?

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Hint Answer
'gonna bark all day little buddy?''
Psycho bunny
' I'll be back'
Black and White, food store
not the ' Holy Grail', life, Monty Python
Zombies, Nighttime, living
Intercourse , Camera
Keyser Soze
A lot of Wine
De Niro, Gangsters
Peter Jackson, Aliens
bottom of a pencil, top of a human
Photographs, dead wife, memory loss
16 year old cousin, travel to 'paradise
When blood is invovled, nothing is simple
women with three lovers....
2 brothers, different paths, photographer
Bruce Robinson, british, Marwood
Sheriff, Texas, Skeleton, John Sayles
Lazy, Ufo, no plot
Micheal Moore, downsizing
First vampire, not Dracula
Shotgun in one hand, chainsaw as an arm
3 sisters, curse, restaurant, New Jersey
Matt Dillon, robbing drugstores
Hint Answer
Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, lost
opposite of a bright star
two business men, dumping, company
cop, killer, gambles, theif, bad
racist cops, black man movie, song
Pink fat lady, filthiest person on earth
Drag racing around the USA
low end of a pool, thing that says your dead
'im so scared', witches, woods
rebel against society, bald
buffalo, 1966
Cameron Diaz, John Cusack, John Malkovich
John Cusack, hitman, blank
Mel Gibson, Jesus
deep cave, predators, blood
dead man... something you walk in
Vince Vaughn, cocktails
jazz, new york, romance
car crash, three strangers
Mel Gibson, biker gang
leatherface, chainsaw
red substance in body, a BIG dinner
7 strangers, deadly maze, deadly traps
running, red hair, alot more running
guitar case full of weapons

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