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Can you name the characters who proudly sport red?

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HintAnswerThe Red Thing
She rides pretty much everywhere in a backpack.(Her feathers are red!)
Isaac, Ivan, and Mia's stubborn friend.(His hair is red!)
He's the most attractive robot master... literally.(His battle armour is red!)
Ryu's blond-haired rival.(His fighting outfit is red!)
One of three enemies to appear in Level 4-1 of a certain 1985 classic.(Their ouchy shells are red!)
Good Ledybas grow into these.(Their shells are red too!)
An echidna guardian of the Master Emerald.(His whole echidna self is red!)
Sir Irontail Fratley is her lost love.(Her coat and pointy hat are red!)
He has a gum-chewing, babysitting, simian girlfriend.(His hat is red!)
His VFX power can alter the flow of time!(His skin-tight body suit is red!)

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