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Can you name the characters who proudly sport orange in video games?

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ClueCharacterOrange Thing
He works in tandem with Inky, Pinky, and Blinky.(His whole ghosty self is orange!)
He's had to deal with everything from Vortigaunts to Combine.(His HEV suit has orange on it!)
This elemental was stolen and shoved in a stove to create a tropical resort in a frozen wasteland.(His fiery self is orange!)
She's a religious rogue who could probably talk your ear off about life back in Orlais.(Her hair is orange!)
He had a famous vampire-fighting descendant named Simon, and a friend named Grant.(His 8-bit outfit was orange!)
His castle was clasped in a thorny curse and his poor Medea was turned into a horse.(His tiny little robe was bright orange!)
She was a damsel in distress once, but she's from Sarasaland, not the Mushroom Kingdom.(Parts of her dress are orange!)
He was the only feline racer to rise up against the awful Wizpig.(He had stripey orange fur!)
Gorsh, who ever knew someone so clumsy could become captain of the Royal Guard?(His in-game hat is often orange!)
She can go from standing to spherical almost instantaneously.(Her power suit is orange!)
In the video games, he's historically been slower but stronger than his other three sewer-dwelling brothers.(His mask is orange!)
He played advisor to two generations of McClouds.(His owns an orange flight shirt!)

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