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Can you name the King's Quest Items?

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ClueItemWhich Game?
Use it on Valanice to make her weep.VII
Drop this in a pond to attract an amphibian.IV
Warm a woodcutter's wife's sick self with this.I
Hurl this at a yeti to continue across the mountains.V
Throw this on a menacing viper to transform it.II
Hide a transformative cookie by putting it in this.III
Use this to give yourself the chance to snag an oyster's pearl.VI
Give this to a toy shop owner to raise his spirits.V
ClueItemWhich Game?
Show this to a disgusting desert diva.III
Use this as a makeshift wagon wheel in the Vulcanix Underground.VII
Please a mesmerizing mermaid with this item.II
Befriend a timid unicorn with this.IV
Munch on this to make yourself miniscule.I
'YOU NEED ONE' ...of these... 'to see Madame Mushka..'V
Wave this to best Mr. Minotaur.VI

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