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Can you name the characters who proudly sport green in video games?

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ClueCharacterThe Green Thing
He had a Cookie, a Story, and even an Island.(Most of his body is green!)
He spins ever-growing balls out of animals, infrastructure... just about anything.(His interesting outfit is green!)
She quests with the Greil Mercenaries to restore her kingdom - and later marches on Begnion.(Her regal hair is green!)
This knight of Guardia is both chivalrous and amphibious.(He's green all over!)
He is the toadly cohort to Rash and Pimple.(He's also green all over!)
This SPARTAN-II survivor's face is always hidden behind his 26th-Century combat armor.(His armor has a green tint!)
He hates eggplant, rides dinosaurs, is a master skateboarder, and lives in the tropics.(His grass skirt is green!)
She says 'That ugly bear, you feathered freak, is nothing but a stupid geek!'(Her skin is green!)
ClueCharacterThe Green Thing
He sailed to the Land of the Green Isles, thwarting a genie and defeating a vizier to find love.(His coat is green!)
She happens to be a remarkable singer and celebrity throughout Spira.(One of her eyes is green!)
He has spoken of the 'mustard of your doom' before, and might HAVE FURY if angered.(He's got green skin!)
This Raptor is an underling of the great Shao Kahn.(His battle gear and scales are green!)
He says 'Kooloo-Limpahh!' and has a Rosy Rupeeland.(His bizarre costume is green!)
This Inaba resident aspires to be a kung fu master, and is Yukiko's best friend.(Her sweater is green!)
He issues orders to Klumps, Krushas, and Klap Traps, among others.(His reptilian body is green!)

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