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Can you name the things that cause the burns in each mini-story?

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The storyWhat caused the burn?Ssssss...
It hadn't been hot at the beach, but two things were clear: Mrs. Lu had worn a two-piece, and she'd passed out with a bagel on her belly, if that goofy pattern was any indication.If she had had a valentine on her belly, she might have been able to go as a Care Bear for Halloween that year.
Dandy Dixie'd never been to a sushi place, and she pretty much blew her nostril hairs out when she took a bigger bite of maki than she might have meant to if only she had known.How was she supposed to know what that green gunk was? Dandy's favourite restaurant was Denny's. It remained so.
When I bake my Tuna Delight, my brain tells me 'duh, it's hot' as I take it out. I'll wait a bit, but then it smells good, so I take a bite, and lose my sense of taste for a week.Same thing happens with Green Bean Surprise. For some, hunger > intelligence.
Matty was helpin' pick some extra baskets of a certain veggie for his farmer dad. He didn't wash thoroughly before taking a leak. He regretted it.True story. Matty is a real character.
Little Ralphy Reed forgot to wear his goggles while handling 10 M HCl in his chemistry lab yesterday! Now that he's been blinded, he should learn his lesson.Don't worry, that's what glass eyes are for!
The bully had it coming. 'I'M GONNA MESS YOU UP GOOD' he had said. 'Yeah, well your ears stick out even more than your evident lack of IQ,' was the reply. Ooh, burn!OK, that was a stretch. Also, almost a true story.
'Careful with those!' mom shouted, as we had fun making swirly designs in the night sky. But the cry was too late, as Nan returned with firewood, her face colliding with our art.The problem is, marshmallows just slide down them when they're that hot. Bad!
And then, to introduce a twist to the old formula, Jeff Probst decided to grab some stage props and set fire to select contestants during an episode of Survivor 32: Ugubugu.I don't think that season will air, but I'm telling you, there's rage in that game show host.
The storyWhat caused the burn?Ssssss...
Sally'd only ever used induction cooking. So at a friend's place, she dropped some fusilli that rolled under the pot, and she just stuck her hand right down in there to get it! Ow!You should read about Induction cooking on Wikipedia, because they are nifty.
To impress her teacher, Ruby Lou Morgenstern leaned a little too far over Mt. Grìmsvötn during a school trip to Iceland. She was just trying to get good qualitative observations!She always did like to dive right into her homework...
Lord Jerik hoped for heroism. Unfortunately, as he dove in towards the dragon's neck, he discovered it had two heads... as his armor, and then his behind, melted from behind.Who was he kidding, anyway... its scales were made of steel, and his sword was wooden!
Mr. Green didn't think it was THAT important to suit up before checking out the control rods at the plant. After all, Homer seemed fine handling glowy things unprotected. Oops.He died of a collection of cancers about 18 months later, probably.
Space Explorer Moira's anti-particle zoomometer conked out on her adventure and she crashed on the second planet from the sun in our solar system. 700 Kelvin was too many Kelvin.Moira the Explorer would be a poor choice for a kid's series.
Ed went to prove that it's only bad news if you stick a fork into a PLUGGED-IN toaster. Unfortunately for Ed, he didn't realize he had unplugged the egg beater instead.Zap, crackle, pop! He didn't think it was funny.
If you count the sides on the shape around Liquid-Plumr's 'corrosive' symbol, you get EIGHT. Btw, that skeletal hand is a photo of my Aunt Su, who had a mishap with the stuff once.It's basic. Not in the not-complicated sense, of course.

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