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Couple Bonus
 Street Level heroes who have a bi-racial daughter
 Members of Teen Titans
 Abusive Relationship
 Power Couple with Twins
 Original Avengers Couple
 both work for the Daily Planet
 Featured in Guardians of the Galaxy
 Members of the Bat Family
 Met in the 1940s when he washed up on the shores of an island
 Pilots and childhood friends (from Coast City)
 Russian Assassins (both appear in Captain America trilogy)
 In the DC TV universe- live in Central City
 West Coast Avengers members
 Members of the Fantastic Four
Couple Bonus
 Original X-Men
 Inhuman Royal Family Members
 Both wear red
 No longer together- one is a mutant the other a member of the Inhumans
 Live in New York City
 On and off relationship- both live in Gotham
 Bird and the Bow (both in the CW dc tv universe)
 King and Queen of Atlantis
 Patriotic Love interests
 Southern charm of the X-Men
 Magic Wielders and members of Justice League Dark
 Members of the Young Avengers

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