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Is there plicae circulares in large intestine?
Central lacteal in villus does what?
In thin person the stomach is ___ shaped
Alkaline secreting glands
The arrangement of two capillary beds in series where the second capillary bed receives venus blood from the firsrt
Glands in small intestine that secrete enzymes
Rectum joins sigmoid colon at level of
Two blood supplies of the liver:
Inflamed when you have mumps
Empties near upper 2nd molar
Bumps arising from tonic contractions of tenia coli
Moveable posterior 1/3 of palate
Terminal part of the large intestine
Portion of small intestine with arcade that have many short loops
Portal triad consists of
Internal sphincters of rectum are
Nerves above pectinate line are autonomic or somatic?
Teeth that differ in stucture and handle food in different ways
Portion of small intestine with Peyer's patches
Vein running through center of liver lobule
Muscles originating outside the tongue, move tongue from side to side and in and out
Islets of langerhans are the endocrine or exocrine part of the pancreas?
Meissner's submucosal plexus found in what layer of the digestive tract?
Hemorrhoids above ______ have no pain
bottom 1/3 of tunica muscularis is
Ileocecal fold flaps rely on ____ to open
Two hormones secreted by the pancreas that regulate blood sugar
Highly vascularized valves of the oral fissure containing the sphincter that controls entry/exit from the mouth
Located in the floor of the mouth between mandible and glenoglossus muscle
Muscles originating inside the tongue, alter shape and size of tongue for shape and swallowing
Congenital anomaly mostly occuring in males
Portion of small intestine with no Brunner's glands or Peyer's patches
Villi are only found in the
Empties into mouth via Wharton's duct behind central incisors
Aeurbach's myenteric plexus found in what layer of the digestive tract?
Esophagus penetrates diaphragm at level of
Opening at back of mouth called the...
Lymphatic capillary in the villi of the small intestine for fat absorbtion
Part of small intestine that is deeper red
Located under and in front of ears between skin and masseter muscle
Blood supply of live high in oxygen
Hard palate made of:
Top 1/3 of tunica muscularis is
Congenital anomaly mostly occuring in females
Are there crypts in the large intestine?
3 divisions of small intestine
Largest salivary glands
Portion of small intestine that is pale pink
Hemorrhoids below _____ have pain
Section of small intestine with arcades that have a few large loops
Portion of small intestine with Brunner's glands
Teeth that are all the same (found in snakes and sharks)
Aggregations of lymphatic nodules in small intestine
Middle 1/3 of tunica muscularis is
McBurney's point shows location of the
Two sets of teeth that develop in a person's lifetime
In a robust person the stomach is ____
Tenia coli ends at
4 things giving the small intestine a large surface area for absorbtion
Located beneath the base of the tongue in posterior floor of mouth
Blood supply of liver lowin oxygen and high in nutrients
Muscle attaching to pubic symphisis that relaxes during defication
Nerves below pectinate line are autonomic or somatic?
External sphincters of rectum are
Point on surface of skin 2/3 from belly button and right anterior superior iliac spine
Vein draining into inferior vena cava

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