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CaM kinases activated by what active protein?
Removal of oxygen is
NADH or NADPH used in biosynthethis?
What subunit binds the nucleotide and acts like clocks in G proteins?
5 important second messengers:
Her2 is part of what family?
Angiotensin II receptor is part of what receptor family?
Alternate sources of ATP in muscles?
Pleckstrin homology domains bind...
Pathways that can be anabolic or catabolic depending on conditions?
NADPH typically used in anabolism or catabolism?
3 proteins with an SH2 domain:
Step #, 1,3 - BPG transfers phosphoryl to ADP
Motif of EF hand proteins:
Ras is activated by what?
SH2 domains bind...
V-src can't be turned off like C-src because it lacks what residue?
____ oxidize food from phototrophs
What domain in the G protein acts like a clock and is an NTPase?
Hydrolyzed PIP2 becomes what two proteins?
Domain that binds phosphoinositide
Phosphoinositide (PIP2) is located where?
P loop on NMP kinases interact with what group?
Ras is what kind of protein
What keeps EGF cross phosphorylation from occuring without ligand binding?
Beta adrenergic receptor is a member of what receptor family?
Deficiency of this results in Beriberi
3 reasons ATP is the energy currency
Protein with SH3 domains?
Two diseases other than cancer that can result from problems in signal transduction pathways?
Oxidation of fuels pumps____ out
Receptors with kinases in their domains?
PIP2 is hydrolyzed by what protein?
Phosphorylated IRS molecules are called:
Grb-2 is what type of protein?
IP3 goes to ER and causes release of:
NADH or NADPH used mainly for the generation of ATP?
Do reduced or oxidized fuels provide more energy?
____ trap energy from sunlight
Fuel used by hummingbirds?
PIP3 activates
delta G of hydrolysis of ATP?
Two domains of Grb-2
PKC phosphorylates what residues?
Protein implicated in over 50% of all cancers
Protein in insulin signaling pathway that can leave the membrane:
Influx of protons form
PIP2 phosphorylated becomes:
Oxidation is ___ of hydrogen
Specific receptors without kinases in their domain?
SH3 domains bind...
Domain that binds to Sos proteins
Analog of EGF receptor?
Step #, carbon oxidation generates acyl phosphate, electrons captured by NAD+
2 classes of metabolic pathways
What two residues in SH2 domains bind negative charges on phosphotyrosine?
Gain of oxygen is
Calmodulin consists of ___ EF hands?
Two things working together to activate protein kinase C?
PDK1 activates
Do IRS molecules activate the next protein in the pathway (lipd kinase)?
Reduction is ___ of hydrogen

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