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Innercates serratus anterior muscle
Ends in synaptic end-bulbs
2 types of Glial cells of the PNS
Cells that transmit and process nerve impulses
A signle cell
Waiter's tip - Loss of lateral rotation of humerus results from injury to
Epidural anesthesia is injected into
ANS efferent fibers are divided into:
Damage to this nerve results in blindness
Do somatic efferent neurons have postsynaptic neurons?
Osteoarthritis could damage what nerve?
Sensory portion receives taste sensation from anterior 2/3 of tounge
Nerves that innervate the diaphragm
Found around cell bodies of neurons in ganglia
Nerve that innervates anterior compartment muscles of arm, forearm:
Sympathetic division's primary response?
Lumborsacral plexus really two seperate plexuses:
Nerve arising from C5 C6 and C7
Damage to this nerve results in pelvic drop on side of elevated leg
General sensation from skin of scalp, forehead, upper eyelid, nose, conjunctiva and cornea of eye
Innervates lateral rectus
Thoracolumbar division
Phagocytic glial cells of CNS
Improperly administered gluteal intramuscular injection could damage what nerve?
IMLs are found in
Innervates posterior compartment muscles of arm, forearm
Damage to this nerve results in difficulty in swallowing, decreased salivation
Ulnar nerve runs through wrist between the hook of the hook of the hamate and flexor tendons in this canal:
Sympathetic postsynaptic cell bodies are found in 2 places
Support neurons in PNS ganglia
2 symptoms of injury to axillary nerve:
Cutaneous branches of femoral nerve supplies:
Injuy to suprascapular nerve results in injury to 2 muscles:
Vertebral column is longer than spinal cord because
Sympathetic presynaptic neurons found in
Motor portion innervates skeletal miscles of larynx, phaynx, soft palate, upper 2/3 of esophagus
Number of pairs of lumbar nerves?
Division of ANS with short prevertebral neurons
Nerve arising from posterior cord of brachial plexus, C5-C6
Muscular branches of femoral nerve innervates 4 muscles:
Nerve arising from medial cord, C8-T1, and lateral cord, C6-C7
Nerve innervates clitoris, labia major, labia minora, lower vagina in females:
Damage to this nerve results in deafness and loss of equilibrium
Damage to this nerve results in loss of visceral sensation and difficulty in swallowing and speaking
Cluster of neuron cell bodies found inside CNS
Nerve arising from anterior rami of L2-L4
Damage to this nerve results in loss of taste to anterior 2/3 of tounge
Usually many of this kind of cytoplasmic process per cell
Layers of spinal meninges and spaces between them
Autonomic nervous system involves 2 neurons
The neuron cell body is also called
Supracristal plane
A safe gluteal intramuscular injection can also be administered into the anterolateral portion as it extends from _____ and _____
What protects the spinal cord?
Take up excess neurotransmitters
Lumbar plexus arises from anterior rami of
Cell body is usually found in spinal ganglion (PNS)
Pressure from uterus during pregnancy could damage what nerve?
How many pairs of spinal nerves?
Epidural can also be injected into
Damage to this nerve results in weak flexion of the thigh, weak extenision of knee, hard to climb stairs
Division with long presynaptic neurons
Nerve innervating extrinsic and intrinsic muscles of the tounge
Largest nerve in the body
Help maintain chemical environment for nerve impulses
Injury to this nerve is uncommon because it is well-protected
Innervates flexor carpi ulnaris and ulnar half of flexor digitorum profundus
A safe gluteal intramuscular injection can be administered superior to a line extending from the:
Type of neuron that has cell body in the CNS
3 common types of neurons
Innervates gluteus medius, minimus, tensor fascia latae
Spinal cord is a cylinder, slightly flattened...
Does superior gluteal nerve innervate gluteus maximus?
Cluster of neuron processes found inside the CNS
Provides nutrients to neurons
Cauda equina are the spindal nerve roots arising from the
Help form blood-brain barrier
Linked to form right and left sympathetic trunks on each side of vertebral column
Damage to this nerve results in Anosmia (loss of smell)
Damage tosuperior gluteal nerve gives this 'sign'
Two enlargements of spinal cord and levels:
Cluster of neuron processes found outside CNS
These cells are very invasive and a common source of tumors (gliomas) of the nervous system.
Number of pairs of cervical spinal nerves?
Cluster of neuron cell bodies found outside CNS
Innervates anterior compatment of forearm
Damage to this nerve results in internal strabismus (eye turns inward)
Spinal anesthesia injected into
Nerve arising from anterior rami of S2-S4:
Surgical incision of the perineum and inferoposterior vaginal wall:
Injury in this nerve results in 'wrist drop'
nerve running through scapular notch
Highly branched to increase the surface area for reception of signals
Damage to this nerve results in Bell's Palsy and impaired secretory activity
Innervates muscles of facial expression, controls secretions from lacrimal gland and salivary glands
Damage to this nerve results in loss of general sensations and loss of gag reflex
Anterior rami of T1-T12 are called:
Cervical plexis comes from anterior rami of:
Nerve that innervates deltoid muscle and teres minor
Nerve with primary funcion of vision
Line ventricles of the brain
CNS is composed of
Nerve with a primary function of smelling
Damage to this nerve results in difficulty looking downward and outward
Herpes Zoster (shingles) virus resides in
General sensation from skin of lower eyelid, cheek, sides of nose, nasal mucosa, upper lip, upper teeth, upper gums, hard palate
Structural and functional unit of the nervous system
Sciatic nerve is composed of two nerves:
Damage to this nerve results in thumb not being able to oppose and atrophy of thenar eminence, limiting thumb to flexion, extension
Type of neuron that is usually sensory
Usually one of these per neuron
Visceral motor neurons are part of the
Innervates trapezius and sternocleidomastoid
Innervates levator palpebrae superioris
Nerve innervates darsal nerve of penis, skin and glans of penis in males:
Transmit and process nerve impulses
Provide stuctural and functional support for the nervous system
Type of neuron that usually make up motor neurons
Nerver arising from anterior rami of L4-L5 and S1
Damage to this nerve results in difficulties in turning head to the side and in raising shoulders
Damage to this nerve results in loss of taste from posterior 1/3 of tounge
Number of pairs of coccygeal nerves?
Sensory portion does general sensation from pharynx, soft palate, posterior 1/3 of tounge and taste from posterior 1/3 of tounge
Innervates only skeletal muscle
CN innervating superior oblique
Anterior rami of lumbosacral enlargement makes up
Sacral triangle
Flight or fight response
Cauda equinacourse down through the
Nerve with primary function of hearing and equilibrium
Receptive portion of the neuron that carries the signal towards the cell body
Damage to this nerve results in difficulties speaking, chewing, swallowing
Injury to part of this nerve causes paralysis of the diaphragm
General sensation from skin of the side of the head, cheek, anterior 2/3 of tounge, lower teeth and gums, lower lip and chin
Motor portion stimulates peristaltic contractions of esophagus, stomach and intestines; decreases heart rate; dilates bromchial tree
Injury to suprascapular nerve often results from fractures to:
PNS is composed of
Nerve damaged by suicide attempts by slashing the wrist or putting hand through a window
Anterior rami of cervical enlargement makes up
Spindal cord ends at level of
Transmit sensations of touch, pain, temperature, and position from sensory receptors
The nervous system is composed of these two cell types
Filum terminale is a fine filament of
Number of pairs of sacral nerves?
Cells of nervous system not involved in generating nerve impulses
Marks inferior extent of subarachnoid space
ANS efferent fibers are accompanied by
Type of neuron found in olfactory epithelium and retina
4 Types of Glial cells of the CNS
Innervates smooth muscles of iris that constrict pupil and ciliary muscles that focus lens for near and far vision
Damage to this nerve results in 'claw hand'
Ulnar nerve is commonly injured in two sites:
Flium terminale runs from the
How many pairs of cranial nerves?
Nerve arising from superior trunk of brachial plexus
Nerve damaged by using crutches incorrectly
Innervates 4 of the 6 extrinsic eye muscles
Injury to this nerve results in 'hand of benediction' when making a fist
Autonomic nervous system divided into:
Motor portion innervates pharyngeal muscle used in swallowing and parotid glands
Produces CSF
Injury to this nerve resilts in loss of flexion of proximal phalanges 1-3 and weakened flexion of 4 and 5
PNS is divided into two systems:
Produce mylein sheath in CNS
Lipofuscin is
Nerve commonly compressed in the carpal tunnel
Cytoplasmic process that may have collaterals
Injury to this nerve results in weak flexion at glenohumeral joint but flexion still possible by brachioradialis
Nerve arising from lateral cord, C5-C7
Number of pairs of thoracic nerves?
Pudenal nerve block provides anesthesia over which dermatomes?
If part of diaphragm is paralyzed, instead of descending as normal during inspiration the paralyzed dome will
Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome:
Sensory portion receives visceral sensations from larynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs, heat, esophagus, stomach and intenstines
Division that restores body to resting condition
Damage to this nerve results in loss of focusing, dilated pupil, ptosis, eye turned outward
Originates chiefly from C4 but also has contributions from C3 and C5
Conductive process of the neuron
Parasympathetic postsynaptic cell bodies
Neurons contain which organelles
Nerve damaged by injury to surgical neck of humerus, dislocation of the shoulder:
Loss of ability to initiate abduction of arm results from injury to:
Originates from the axon hillock
Largest branch of lumbar plexus
Visceral motor neurons innervate
Sciatic nerve is halway between:
Tapered ending of spinal cord is called
Parasympathetic presynaptic cell bodies found in
Damage to this nerve results in 'winged scapula'
Nerve arising from posterior cord of brachial plexus, C5-T1
Star shaped glial cells
No branches in axilla or arm
Steps to perform lumbar puncture
3 portions of trigeminal nerve
Located in plexuses that surround the abdominal aorta
Outnumber neurons 5 to 50 times
Nerve arising from medial cord, C8 T1 and often C7
Slipped disc dislocated hip could damage what nerve?
Forms mylein sheath in the PNS
Sacral plexus arises from anterior rami of
Damage to this nerve results in tic douloureux
Craniosacral division

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