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Does the internal or external carotid artery enter the skull through the carotid canal
Part of the heart opposite the bodies of vertebrae T6-T9
Blood vessels that deliver blood to capillaries
Apex of the heart is at what level of intercostal space?
Veins engorged in the face and neck because of backup of blood at the superior vena cava is a sign of
What keeps AV valves from 'flipping inside out'
The moderator band is found in what chamber in the heart?
Veins that travel alongside arteries
In males the nipple is at what level of intercostal space?
Unyielding layer of parietal pericardium that protects heart against sudden overfilling
Hole marking change from femoral artery to popliteal artery?
Cisterna chyli drains into this vein
Thoracic duct drains into this vein
Funnel-shaped, superior part of the right ventricle
Conduction system of the heart's pathway
Layer of heart wall that becomes endothelium in blood vessels:
Cell type also known as 'dust cells'
3 layers of 'tunica' that make up blood vessels
'Pacemaker' node
MALT stands for:
Terminal crest is found in what chamber of the heart?
Is the myocardium part of the wall of the heart?
Dilated channel for venous blood
Smooth, thin walled posterior part unique to the right atrium
Drainage of fluid from the pericardial cavity
Shallow depression in interatrial septum visible in both atria
Thick, muscular ridge that separates the muscular wall of the right ventricle from the smooth wall of the conus arteriosus
Way for blood to be shunted over from left to right
Collects blood from capillaries and drains it into veins
'Receiving chambers' of the heart:
Outermost layer of wall of the heart
Landmark for the arch of the aorta and carina of the trachea
Procedure done to relieve cardiac tamponade
Muscle marking change from popliteal artery to posterior tibial artery?
Is the visceral pericardium part of the wall of the heart?
Groove that the cephalic vein runs through
4 lymphatic tissues making up MALT
6 cartilarges of the larynx
Three parietal branches of the abdominal aorta
Procedure to re-establish circulation in coronary artery
Compartment containing the heart
Folds and bridges on inner surface of the myocardium of the ventricles
Cell type also known as 'septal cells'
Fibrous strands that stretch from papillary muscles to the free edges and ventricular surfaces of the cusps of atrioventricular valves
Needle is inserted in 5th or 6th intercostal space near sternum or superoposteriorly through infrasternal angle to drain fluid
These prevent blood from flowing back into the ventricles:
Level of kidneys
Two layers of parietal pericardium
_____ gives an altrernate route for blood to flow
Layer of loose connective tissue that adheres to the outter surface of the heart
Six visceral branches of the abdominal aorta
Unpaired visceral branches of the abdominal aorta?
Vertebral arteries pass through what in the cervical area before entering the skull?
Border marking change from axillary artery to brachial artery?
'Discharging chambers' of the heart:
Three branches of the celiac trunk:
'Node' with the highest irritability and highest firing frequency
Moderator band is also known as the:
Are inferior nasal conchae part of another bone?
Is there a pump for the lymphatic system?
Which kidney is lower because of the liver?
Double-walled fibroserous sac surrounding the heart
Lymphatic capillaries are blind-ended and operate by:
3 cell types in alveoli
2 types of myoconduction fibers
Border marking the change from brachiocephalic artery to axillary artery?
Superficial vein running along the back of the soleus?
2 atrioventricular valves
Heart compression due to the build up of fluid in the pericardium
Superficial vein on medial surface of the leg?
Alveolar cell type that secretes surfactant
Do mesenteric veins drain into the inferior vena cava?
Cell type making up cuboidal tissue in alveoli
4 features of the interior of the right atrium
Veins that lie just beneath the surface of the skin in the hypodermis
Disease caused by filarial nematode Wuchereria bancrofti and spread by mosquitoes
The supraventricular crest is found in what chamber of the heart?
Cell type making up simple squamous tissue in alveoli
Layer of blood vessels composed of smooth muscle and elastic fibers, and an external limiting membrane
Most frequently diseased valve
Surface layer of mesothelium (simple squamous)
Is the parietal pericardium part of the wall of the heart?
Conical cardiac muscles that project into the lumen of the ventricles
Valve type of the heart with no chordae tendineae?
Sinus venarum is found in what chamber of the heart?
Two semilunar valves of the heart?
Inferolateral part of the _____ ventricle makes the apex of the heart
Microscopic vessels that connect arterioles and venules
Specialized gland of the lymphatic system
muscular wall of the atria
Landmark separating internal and external jugulars
In coronary blood vessels, blood flows when the heart is _______ (contracted or relaxed)
The 2 types of valves found in the heart
Two arteries going to small and large intestines
What is it called when blood return to the heart is impeded by holding your breath?
Is the endocardium part of the wall of the heart?
Middle nasal conchae are part of what bone?
A collapsed lung is medically called:
Entry of air into the pleural cavity
Inner layer of parietal pericardium
Visceral pericardium is also known as:
Blood in the pericardial cavity
'Little ears' on top of left and right atria:
layer continuous with simple squamous layer of heart
Border indicating change from external iliac artery or vein to femoral artery or vein?
Carries the right branch of the atrioventricular bundle from the interventricular septum to the base of the anterior papillary muscles in the right ventricle
3 areas of high concentrations of lymph nodes
Superior nasal conchae are part of what bone?
Order of femoral artery, nerve and vein from lateral to medial in the triangle?
Vericocele is most likely to take place in what gonadal vein?
Right lymphatic duct drains into this vein
Vertical ridge separating the smooth and rough parts of the atrial walls of the right atrium
Layer of blood vessels composed of endothelium, connective tissue, and internal limiting membrane
Allows for alternate routes to get blood to the brain
The conus arteriosus is found on the surface of what chamber of the heart?
Allows for colateral circulation in the hand:
In a percutaneous transluminal angioplasty they go in through what blood vessel?
Delays the electrical signal after the AV node fires
The confluence of sinuses of the head is under what landmark of the occipital bone?
Blood in the pericardial cacity produces
Arteries that do not anastomose with adjacent arteries are called:
The urinary system consists of four things:
Two layers of pericardium
Outer layer of parietal pericardium anchored to the mediastinum
Layer of blood vessels composed of connective tissue, vasa vasorum, and nervi vasorum

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