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Word Ladder with extra Classic Doctor Who (1963-1987) clues thrown in!

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Forced Order
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*Enemy faced in the 5th Doctor story 'Kinda'*
Female horse
Long flowing hair
*3rd and 4th Doctor companion: Sarah-___ Smith*
English singer-songwriter ____ Bugg
Garden tool
Abnormal respiratory sounds
Make someone annoyed
*Creature met in 1st Doctor story 'Galaxy Four'*
Building for flour grinding
Unit of distance
*UNIT Captain ____ Yates*
*Aliens in 1st Doctor story 'The Chase': ____ Beasts*
Very muddy or boggy
*Actress who played Romana I*: ____ Tamm*
A trading place
Dull and flat surface
*Actress of the Rani ___ O'Mara*
*Actress of 3rd Doctor companion Jo Grant: ____ Manning*

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