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Can you name the jamband based on its hometown, start year, and song titles?

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Hometown, start year, songsBand Name
Boston MA, 2012, Dracula's Monk, Nuggy Jawson, We Are Not Alone
Los Angeles CA, 2000, Launchpad, Below Radar, Eye of the Storm
Columbus OH, 1991, Under Full Sail, Loner, Ohio Grown
Buffalo NY, 1989, Rebubula, Nebraska, Okayalright
Goshen IN, 1999, Spiritualize, Golden Ghost, Nematode
Durham NH, 1993, Sun Machine, Beneath the Cover, Ammonium Maze
Philadelphia PA, 1995, Aceetobee, Mindless Dribble, Helicopters
South Bend IN, 1997, In the Kitchen, Believe the Lie, Search 4
Plattsburgh NY, 1989, The Super Man Curse, Jet Smooth Ride, Leaving the Monopole
Burlington VT, 1983, Rift, Stash, Guyute
New Haven CT, 2012, Daddy D, Gung Ho, Samurai
San Francisco CA, 1965, Truckin', Bertha, Ripple
Atlanta GA, 1998, When the Dust Settles, Moon Socket, Artifact
New Haven CT, 1995, Bump & Sway, Rowdy Duty, Groove is Here
Chicago IL, 1997, Ramble on Rose, Cosmic Charlie, Fire on the Mountain
Hometown, start year, songsBand Name
Burlington VT, 1991, Rather Go Fishin', Lines and Circles, Speculator
Brooklyn NY, 2012, Bubba Slide, Lift it Up, The Toolbelt
Denver CO, 1998, Know it Too Well, Dig Deep, Rynodub
New Orleans LA, 1994, Into the Deep, Baker's Dozen, The Moil
San Francisco CA, 1995, Bird Song, The Other One, Tennessee Jed
Savannah GA, 1997, Stealy Man, Only Always, Sweet Oblivious Antidote
Charlottesville VA, 1991, Warehouse, Stay, Crash
Athens GA, 1986, Porch Song, Fishwater, Love Tractor
New York NY, 1991, Bubblehouse, Coconut Boogaloo, Uninvisible
New York NY, 1988, Princess Henrietta, Waiting for the Tide, Who's Driving
San Francisco CA, 1996, Taught to be Proud, Faced With Love, The Garden
Baltimore MD, 2009, Melting Lights, Live It Up, Zydeko
Telluride CO, 1993, Joyful Sound, Mouna Bowa, Restless Wind
East Haven CT, 1998, Buquebus, Rufus, Real Radio
Burlington VT, 2001, Walking in Circles, City Funk, Sweet Cream Butter

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