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Start of line...Fill in the blank!...end of line.
It was late one fall night at anear town
When Esther first saw theman
Whotoward her and stood by her side
With athat swung in his hand
His grin stretched the folds of his
And his lips
And the lights from the showed a mischievous sparkle
That flashed in hisstare
He said, 'Little girl, you canmy legs
And thenif you want to
But I'd rather you
That I hold in my pail
And he stood looking down at thegirl
And she stared at the bucket
Start of line...Fill in the blank!...end of line.
Then he lifted the doll for the to see
And a giantgrew on his face
She saw theand she couldn't resist
And sheand ran to the church
And shewith puppet held high
and the people looked mean
Esther triedto pacify the mob
Quibble grew tothen to brawl
Thestruggled desperately to fetch
The pretty puppetin Esther's leather sack
Through the window of the church
And Esther knewto flee
Shedown the aisle
Toward thein the distance
Start of line...Fill in the blank!...end of line.
And out into the rainstorm where sheshe would be free
But the wind washarder
And her skirt began to
Until finally herbegan to lift
And she rose above the and the chimneys
Andand the doll were set adrift
over the hills
And the valleys and treetopsand glide
Soaring and turning
With the far below them
They'dthrough the clouds
And she began to tumble till she
Landed in theof town (Oo-ah. Oo-ah...)
She glanced about thesure to find the evil men
Start of line...Fill in the blank!...end of line.
Who rob andin the darkest hour of night
Nervously shefor the pouch
That held the puppet on her
Feeling quiteEsther hid behind
A nearby pile ofwhere she waited
'Til the
'Cause it would have been ato
Succumb to aon the prowl
When the morning came, shethe streets
Along thethat lay beside the town
At last abut she thought she heard a sound
It was ancoming up to knock her down
As Estherand shook her head
The joggers
Start of line...Fill in the blank!...end of line.
And she knew she hadleft but to swim
As the frosty waterinto her hide
She tried to slide thefrom her skin
now she made her way toward the shore
When suddenly she felt aat her toe
And the puppet she'dwrapped its tiny
Little arms around herand it wouldn't let her go
The wavesand swallow her whole
As the doll pulled her down through the
And the sound of thefilled her ears
As sheto a tranquil

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