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Can you name the Dominion (the card game) Super Quiz!?

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Can you name a...Answer
Card Set
Card Set
Card Set
Card Set
Card Set
Card Set
Card Set
Card Set
Card Set
Card Set
Card that gives VP tokens?
Victory card worth variable victory points?
Victory/Treasure hybrid?
Victory/Reaction hybrid?
Treasure/Reaction hybrid?
Victory Card with choice of actions?
Card that allows you to trash 5 or more cards?
Card that allows you to trash two cards and only two cards with no option for replacement?
Card that can only trash treasure and is not an attack?
Card that, when you acquire it, trashes another card?
Card that allows you to play a second consecutive turn?
Card which can put a curse into the opponent's deck before their first reshuffle?
Card that can make you start a turn with 2 actions?
Card with a face value of $8 that is not Province?
Card that can add 12 or more cards into your hand at once?
Card that can reduce prices of all cards?
Can you name a...Answer
Card that has a mat that is not for victory tokens?
Card with only 3 letters in its name?
Card with 4 words in its name?
Card that is an entire category unto itself?
Card that can return cards to the supply?
Card that makes you verbally name a card?
Card that makes your opponent verbally name a card?
Action card that gives +$3?
Action card that gives +$2 and may give opponent(s) a curse?
Action card that changes its action based on number of empty supply piles?
Action card costing $2 that gives $2?
Action card with 4 different action options?
Village card that gives a +buy?
Attack card that specifically attacks the opponent's treasure?
Attack card that can trash an opponent's victory cards?
Alchemy card that does not require a potion to buy (besides potion)?
Treasure card that has '$0?' on its face?
Treasure card that can be worth $10 or more?
Treasure card that costs $0 and is not copper?
Treasure card that forces you to play another treasure?
At most, a Copper can be worth how many $? (Allowing King's Court)
What is the highest amount of points that a Duke could be worth?
Card with the lowest 'Win Rate With' according to
Card with the highest 'Win Rate With' according to
Card with the lowest average length of game ('Turns') according to
Dominion's author?

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