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Can you name the people who have a scientific law named after them?

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Description of the law discoveredDiscovererYear discovered
His principle of buoyancy can be used to determine if a crown is actually goldApprox. 250 B.C.
His three laws of planetary motion included one that said orbits are elliptical with the sun at a focus1618
This man's law of refraction explains why your finger appears bent when placed in a glass of water1621
A bitter rival of Mr. 1687, he would likely be remembered for more than his law of elasticity, F=-k*x, if he hadn't died first1660
The first of the gas laws discovered, his states that pressure and volume are inversely proportional1662
The three laws of motion named after this person help to give him the title of greatest physicist of all time1687
His law of fluid dynamics explains how pressure and velocity are related, and thus how airplanes fly1738
His law of electrostatics showed that the electric force diminished by the square of the distance1785
This gas law relates volume and temperature, V=k*T1787
This man's law of partial pressures states that the pressure from a mixture of gases is just the sum of pressures of the component gases1801
His gas law relates the pressure of a gas and the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid, which explains how divers get the bends1802
Another gas law; his states that equal volumes of gases contain the same number of molecules1811
As a father of electrodynamics, his law of electromagnetism shows that current produces a magnetic field1825
This man's law of electricity is simply I=V/R1827
His law of induction states that a changing magnet field produces an electric current1833
This prolific mathematician is known for his law of electricity and for his law of magnetism1835
His law states that a solution absorbs light proportional to the concentration of dissolved solute, A=ε*c*l1852
He didn't actually discover a law, but his four equations explain all electromagnetic phenomena1873
Ushering the quantum era, this man's law states that the amount of energy released by a blackbody radiator depends only on the temperature of the blackbody and the wavelength1900
Changing our perception of the universe, this man's law of cosmic expansion states that the farther a galaxy is from earth, the faster it is receding1929

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