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AAnother name for a Proctologist. Put this on their license plates.
BMovie George watches with black family because he didn't read the book for his book club.
CThe Maestro's last name
D'It's like putting your whole mouth right in the dip!!!'
EA beltless and loopless trenchcoat or raincoat
FA holiday made by Frank Costanza that takes place on December 23rd. And a pole is involved.
GThe song played in 'The Chronicles' or The Clip Show was by this band.
HA man who gives the impression of being a woman over the telephone
ILine that George invented when breaking up with a woman.
JJ. Petermans first name
KA Latvian Orthodox phrase which means 'the lure of the animal', which usually can be cured with a garlic necklace
LHorendous dance that Elaine does at social gatherings.
MHe's a Male Bimbo...
NNickname given to Elaine because of a unique Christmas card
OOne of Kenny Bania's bits.
PLast name of Elaine's face painting boyfriend.
QWord used by Mrs Seinfeld in a game of Scrabble
RThe act of receiving a gift from someone, and then giving it to someone else
SMr. Costanza is advised to say this everytime his blood pressure is in danger of going up.
TBook that Jerry never returned to the library.
UThis country is said to have been 'weak' by Kramer.
VSomething Jerry held since June 28th, 1980.
WThe theory that a boyfriend's life will change for the worse when his girlfriend starts hanging out with his friends.
XRoman Numeral for the season which Jerry Seinfeld would have been paid 5 million an episode
YWhat a person might say, mid-sentence, to shorten a story to get to the point of a discussion
ZAsks Kramer to watch over her son

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