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Forced Order
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AJD's Favorite alcoholic beverage.
BJordan's brother and Dr. Cox's best friends name.
CElliot's childhood nanny
DTurks middle name
ECarlas maiden name
FLast name of nurse Elliot dated in Season 2.
GNickname for girl JD dated, real name Lisa.
HJanitors band
ITurk and Carlas baby
JTatoo on Dr. Kelso's butt?
KGirlfriend JD met in a nightclub?
LBand/Artist that performs theme song.
MJD's middle name
NHottest woman in the hospital
OJDs Dads occupation
P Person Jordan cheated on Dr. Cox with leading to their divorce.
QDr. Kelso's secret love child
RJD and Turks stuffed dog
SName of JD's scooter
TName of character played by actor Sam Lloyd
UOrganization Randall is president of- The Janitors ....
VType of vehicle Janitor drives
WTeds Band
XLast thing seen before opening credits end
YLast name of actress who played Dr. Miller in season 3
ZActor who plays JD

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