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Forced Order
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This is the reason why your headache didn't go away: That's actually pronounced analgesic, not anal-gesic. Sir, the pills go in your mouth.
Fat camp. Six years she's been going there, and the only thing getting any thinner is my wallet!
There you are, you deaf bastard! I hate you so much, every time you utter my name, I wanna stick my fist all the way down your throat and watch you slowly choke on it!
What is it with steel wool? Is it steel? Or is it wool?
A drunk clown hurt me once.
Heeeey! That old clown was really good. So, uh, you got some really big shoes to fill!
Now, I know you say you love us all equally. But you don't, do ya? I'm onto you, Big Man.
Laverne, did you ever notice that in hospitals, even though you're surrounded by like hundreds of people, it's still so easy to get lost in your own thoughts?
Okay... You gave me a penny... and... what appears to be a button, on which you've written twenty-nine cents.
One thing I've learned is to never play Operation against a surgeon for money.
Run away, get a divorce, drink alone... You know, the classics. The thing is that, this time, I am killing myself for this woman, and I'm still getting my ass handed to me.
Uh-huh, and speaking of crunching, I have been jonesing for some Double-Stuf Oreos all day. Why don't you see if you can't hook me up?
If Tyra Banks drove her car over my mom and then offered to have sex with me, I'd have to dial 9-1-1 in the nude because my pants would already be off
I slept with him... and it was good - oh! How's that for stirring things up? Have a great summer, everyone. Bye!
Dr. Wen threatened to sew my butt cheeks together.
Give me a break. The kid's like... he's like a... have you ever seen a drunk baby?
I'll write rare dry spell in the margin.
I did. I drove around the whole city before my 5 AM shift, just looking for that. Trying to add a little cheer. You will not ruin my Christmas. Not again. Not this year.
I don't dislike you, I nothing you.
Oh, Miss Pacman, I would sex that bow right off your head. Eat those dots you naughty, naughty girl.
I have to go, there's a breast reduction on the fourth floor... I'm gonna go try and stop it.
I'm so sorry. What am I doing thinking I can take an extra six seconds to pick my breakfast? I'm gonna have to call my mom and tell her she did a lousy job raising me.
You want to quit? Then quit! But you, sir, are a worthless peon and you will *always* be a worthless peon!

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