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QUIZ: Can you name the Commander by Battle A-Z?

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LetterCommanderKey Battles
AHydaspes, Issus, Gaugamela
BDara, Callinicum, Nika riots
CAlesia, Pharsalus, Dyrrhachium
DBaal Perazim, Rabbah, Ephriam
EMantinea, Leuctra, Gythium
FHohenfriedberg, Rossbach, Leuthen
GLutzen, Breitenfeld, Rain
HTrebia, Cannae, Zama
IAnegawa, Nagashino, Sekigahara
JManassas, Cedar Mountain, Chansellorsville
KYarmouk, Firaz, Walaja
LAsine, Tannenberg, Masurian Lakes
MEl Alamein, Normandy, Arnhem
LetterCommanderKey Battles
NBorodino, Austerlitz, Marengo
OPelekanon, Brusa, Nicaea
PAcre, Bouvines, Ghent
QChangping, Hadan, Yique
RKasserine Pass, Tobruk, Gazala
SMohi, Chmielnik, Legnica
TAnkara, Ispahan, Delhi
VTeutoberg Forest
WTrenton, Long Island, Yorktown
XSalamis, Eretria, Thermopylae
YMidway, Guadalcanal, Pearl Harbor
ZKhalkhin Gol, Stalingrad, Kursk

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