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AHuns defeat the Romans - 378
BScottish defeat the English - 1314
CSpanish defeat the Incans - 1532
D6th Coalitions defeats French - 1813
EDraw between the English Loyalists and the Parliamentarians - 1642
FEnglish defeat the Scottish - 1513
GMacedonians defeat the Persians - 331 BC
HPeople's Liberation Army defeats the Chinese Army - 1948/9
IAllies defeat the Russians - 1854
JIsraelites defeat the Canaanites - roughly 1550 BC
KEgyptians defeat the Hittites - 1274 BC
LPrussians defeat the Austrians - 1757
MOttomans defeat the Hungarians - 1526
NJapanese defeat the Chinese - 1937/8
OFrench defeat the British - 1429
PDurrani Empire defeats the Maratha Empire - 1761
QBritish defeat the Americans - Oct. 1812
RBritish defeat the Zulus - 1879
SSpartans and Sicilian allies defeat the Athenians - 413 BC
TAmericans defeat the Japanese - Nov. 1943
UFrench defeat the Austrians - 1805
VCanadians defeat the Germans - Feb. 1916
WBritish defeat the Americans - Nov. 1776
XEastern Wu defeats Shu Han - 222
YRashidun Caliphate defeats the Byzantines - 636
ZHoly League defeats the Ottomans - 1697

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