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How to PlayForced Order
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Weird ClueArtist
Remember, they are musicians not murderers
I didn't realise the Irish were bad at grammar
To be truthful, all members are actually guys...
Why must the cute die young?
'There's no place like home to rock out'
The damn DVD player froze
They never had biology majors
Transportation to Funkytown
The tribe has spoken
John Dillinger on Bass
I would definitely want this guy as a doorman
Mr T thinks they were enlisted
Radioactiveman's sidekick
Guess who this is?
According to Homer, 'This truely is hell!' (simpson, not the greek poet)
These were the guys who tried to be cool in high school
Being owned by sound
Grandma's favourite dish
Not to be confused with the Guess Who
They couldn't spell these insects...
Dairy is the best solution for relief from these
The Greeks once thought that the world was made of these and the air
I doubt the tea party started a band
I only like sugar in my coffee
Most of the world uses this system, except the USA
They really need to slow down
Remember those 3 incompetent characters from TV? They were the best
Nothing is more true in music, you are in ________
Collision course
Weird ClueArtist
Your Majesty?
Gonna need a mammoth sized package for this one
One more and you're out of the match!
What I do to my computer when I can't access Sporcle
Speakers for eyes?
He beats paper
Not the candy that melts in your mouth
We wish space travel was this easy
How do you grow sound?
Ironically, they did 'Drive'
Al Capone's choice
Definately your parents band
Building aviators?
Rapid Eye Movement
Listening to their music is like torture (not really)
Sexy and Violent, perfect for this band
These girls beat paper
I wouldn't want this on my toast
Music for adventureres
They were the guys who tried not to be cool in high school
Body fluids making a band?
Sexy music
They gather no moss
You'll find this band on the tip of your tongue
Believe in them and you will hear their music
Budha would definately approve until he listened to the music
Electricity terms
Meant to crash like a ___ ______
Who wants to rule a Leon?

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